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Multi-sensor tracking using delayed, out-of-sequence Information (OOSI) is a problem of growing importance due to an increased reliance on networked sensors interconnected via complex communication network architectures. In such systems, it is often the case that information (in the form of raw or processed measurements) is received out-of-time-order at the(More)
We consider the problem of estimating the path taken by an object in a road network from sparse, noisy position measurements. Path estimation is posed in a Bayesian framework which allows the incorporation of prior information about vehicle movements. A carefully designed importance sampler is used to approximate the posterior path probabilities. The(More)
We present a novel approach to anomaly detection in Bayesian networks, enabling both the detection and explanation of anomalous cases in a dataset. By exploiting the structure of a Bayesian network, our algorithm is able to efficiently search for local maxima of data conflict between closely related variables. Benchmark tests using data simulated from(More)
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