Jonathan Lee Edwards

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A 17-item competency questionnaire, modified for use with children and adolescents (CQ-ChP), was used to evaluate competency to consent to hospitalization and treatment in child psychiatric inpatients. A total of 25 consecutive English-speaking psychiatric child inpatient admissions were studied. Demographic data were statistically analyzed using chi 2, and(More)
A glomerular lesion identical to that of IgA nephropathy was demonstrated unexpectedly in a 17 year old boy who presented with clinical manifestations of pulmonary hemosiderosis and with no evidence of renal disease. This subclinical glomerular lesion would have remained undetected in this patient unless kidney tissue was obtained and examined by(More)
An ever increasing amount of molecular material is being discovered in the interstellar medium, associated with the birth and death of stars and planetary systems. Radio and millimeter-wave astronomical observations, made possible by high-resolution laboratory spectroscopy, uniquely trace the history of gas-phase molecules with biogenic elements. Using a(More)
The aetiology, type, distribution, and treatment of fractures of the facial bones is described in the 484 patients with such injuries treated at Dunedin Hospital during the period 1979-1985. The mean annual rate was 51.7 per 100,000. The rate of facial bone fractures has remained relatively constant over a 32-year period in the Otago area. Interpersonal(More)