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Sesquiterpene benzoxazoles and sesquiterpene quinones from the marine sponge Dactylospongia elegans.
A new sesquiterpene benzoxazole, nakijinol B (3), its acetylated derivative, nakijinol B diacetate (6), and two new sesquiterpene quinones, smenospongines B (4) and C (5), were isolated from theExpand
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Detailed NMR, Including 1,1-ADEQUATE, and Anticancer Studies of Compounds from the Echinoderm Colobometra perspinosa
From the dichloromethane/methanol extract of the crinoid Colobometra perspinosa, collected south east of Richards Island (Bedara), Family Islands, Central Great Barrier Reef, Australia,Expand
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Metachromins U-W: cytotoxic merosesquiterpenoids from an Australian specimen of the sponge Thorecta reticulata.
Three new merosesquiterpenoids, metachromins U, V, and W (1-3), were isolated from a specimen of the marine sponge Thorecta reticulata collected off Hunter Island, Tasmania, Australia. Structures ofExpand
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Comosusols A-D and comosone A: cytotoxic compounds from the brown alga Sporochnus comosus.
Bioassay-guided fractionation of extracts of the brown alga Sporochnus comosus led to the isolation of five new compounds, comosusols A-D (3-6) and comosone A (7). The structures of all isolatedExpand
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A New Diketopiperazine, Cyclo-(4-S-hydroxy-R-proline-R-isoleucine), from an Australian Specimen of the Sponge Stelletta sp. †
While investigating the cytotoxic activity of the methanol extract of an Australian marine sponge Stelletta sp. (Demospongiae), a new diketopiperazine, cyclo-(4-S-hydroxy-R-proline-R-isoleucine) (1),Expand
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Callophycin A, a cytotoxic tetrahydro-β-carboline from the red alga Callophycus oppositifolius
Abstract The tetrahydro-β-carboline, callophycin A ( 1 ), was isolated from the methanol extract of the red alga Callophycus oppositifolius collected from Pugh Shoal, north east of Truant Island,Expand
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A Great Barrier Reef Sinularia sp. Yields Two New Cytotoxic Diterpenes
The methanol extract of a Sinularia sp., collected from Bowden Reef, Queensland, Australia, yielded ten natural products. These included the new nitrogenous diterpeneExpand
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Update of Spectroscopic Data for 4-Hydroxydictyolactone and Dictyol E Isolated from a Halimeda stuposa — Dictyota sp. Assemblage †
The methanol extract of an assemblage of Halimeda stuposa and a Dictyota sp., yielded three natural products characteristic of Dictyota sp., and one of Halimeda sp. These included the xenicaneExpand
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