Jonathan L. Wang

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Recent traffic analyses from various packet networks have shown the existence of long-range dependence in bursty traffic. In evaluating its impact on queuing performance, earlier investigations have noted how the presence of long-range dependence, or a high value of the Hurst parameter <i>H</i>, is often associated with surprisingly large queue sizes. As a(More)
PURPOSE The Ontario PET Registry was established to provide evidence on the clinical impact of 18-FDG-PET/CT (PET) imaging to inform Ontario Health Insurance Plan funding decisions. The melanoma registry assessed the use of melanoma staging by PET in advanced or high-risk melanoma as a useful adjunct to clinical and standard radiologic investigation. (More)
Traac engineering for high-speed packet networks is necessary to ensure that provisioned capacity i s suucient to meet anticipated demand for a broad range of ooered services, but not so excessive a s t o render services uneconomical. Currently most packet-based networks, including Internet, Frame Relay, and ATM networks, are engineered and managed either(More)