Jonathan L. Schilling

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Brown rot fungi uniquely degrade wood by creating modifications thought to aid in the selective removal of polysaccharides by an incomplete cellulase suite. This naturally successful mechanism offers potential for current bioprocessing applications. To test the efficacy of brown rot cellulases, southern yellow pine wood blocks were first degraded by the(More)
A high performance implementation of C++ exception handling is crucial, because exception handling overhead is distributed across all code. The commonly-used table-driven approach to implementing exception handling can be augmented by an optimization that seeks to identify functions for which (contrary to first appearance) no exception handling tables need(More)
The simplest strategy in Java just-in-time (JIT) compilers is to compile each Java method the first time it is called. However, better performance can often be obtained by selectively compiling methods based on heuristics of how often they are likely to be called during the rest of the program's execution. Various heuristics are examined when used as part(More)
Rho family GTPases regulate diverse processes in human melanoma ranging from tumor formation to metastasis and chemoresistance. In this study, a combination of in vitro and in vivo approaches was utilized to determine whether RHOJ, a CDC42 homologue that regulates melanoma chemoresistance, also controls melanoma migration. Depletion or overexpression of(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in optics and instrumentation with the da Vinci S Surgical System have facilitated minimally invasive and robotic cardiac procedures including mitral valve repair and atrial myxoma excision. We report our retrospective data comparing robotically assisted myxoma excision with standard median sternotomy excision. METHODS Data were(More)
Compiler internal errors usually result in the immediate termination of a compilation. However, in the case of internal errors involving optimization, it may instead be possible to proceed with a less-optimized but otherwise correct compilation. A technique is presented that accomplishes this goal. The compiler contexts in which it may be used, and the(More)
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