Jonathan L. Schaffer

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Whilst healthcare is the biggest service industry on the globe, it has yet to realise the full potential of the e-business revolution in the form of e-health. This is due to many reasons including the fact that the healthcare industry is faced with many complex challenges in trying to deliver cost-effective, high-value, accessible healthcare and has(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of obtaining, and findings in, functional MRI of the lumbar spine in an erect position and with flexion and extension. Thirty subjects (including 5 volunteers) were imaged in a sitting position and while performing flexion and extension. The alternations in posterior disk margin, size of neural(More)
Medical science has made revolutionary changes in the past few decades. Contemporaneously, however, healthcare has made incremental changes at best. One area within healthcare that best exemplifies this is the operating room (OR). The growing discrepancy between the revolutionary changes in medicine and the minimal changes in healthcare processes leads to(More)
A component-based health information resource, delivered on an intranet and the Internet, utilizing World Wide Web (WWW) technology, has been built to meet the needs of a large integrated delivery network (IDN). Called PartnerWeb, this resource is intended to provide a variety of health care and reference information to both practitioners and(More)
Rapid increase of service demands in healthcare contexts today requires a robust framework enabled by IT (information technology) solutions as well as real-time service handling in order to ensure superior decision making and successful healthcare outcomes. Contemporaneous with the challenges facing healthcare, we are witnessing the development of very(More)
Exponentially increasing costs in healthcare coupled with poor quality and limited access have motivated the healthcare industry to turn to IS/IT solutions to overcome these issues and facilitate superior healthcare delivery. In an environment of rapid development of new clinical informatics solutions claiming to provide better healthcare delivery, there is(More)
Today, cancer is one of the leading causes of death throughout the world. This threatening disease has huge negative impacts, not only on quality of life, but also on the healthcare industry, whose resources are already scarce. Thus, finding new approaches for cancer care has been a central point of interest during the last few decades. One of these(More)