Jonathan L. Paulsen

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The ever-growing price of precious metals has promoted the widespread use of nickel and copper in the internal electrodes and end terminations of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). While these base metal electrode (BME) capacitors are less expensive than capacitors made with palladium and silver/palladium, their unique production process produces an(More)
This paper describes a successful strategy for measuring the power dissipated by high-voltage, low-capacitance ceramic chip capacitors at frequencies typical of switch-mode power supplies. For these devices, the simpler techniques employed to measure the power dissipation of highcapacitance tantalum and aluminum devices prove inadequate, and a more(More)
Experiments are described in this paper whose results suggest a clear mathematical relationship between total circuit resistance (including the capacitor’s ESR) and the voltage at which a capacitor is likely to break down. Specifically, the relationship defines how much each capacitor’s (not precisely known) breakdown voltage is affected by changes in(More)
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