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PURPOSE Inadequate bladder emptying is a common urinary dysfunction in children. The role of alpha-blockers for managing bladder outlet obstruction remains relatively unexplored in children. Because of the well established impact of alpha-blocker therapy in men, we investigated its use for treating inadequate bladder emptying in the pediatric population. (More)
PURPOSE We analyze a group of patients who presented with mechanical dysfunction of the reservoir and/or efferent limb of a continent colonic urinary diversion, and establish an evaluation and management algorithm. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 16 patients with a mean age of 58 years and 1 or more symptoms related to continent colonic urinary diversion(More)
Transurethral resection of bladder tumor remains the most common procedure for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of bladder cancer. Deep resection of the detrusor muscle for the correct staging of bladder cancer can increase the risk of hemorrhage that can be difficult to control with standard transurethral surgical maneuvers. Evicel(®) Fibrin(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate urodynamic findings in a successful flap valve (FV) continence mechanism in association with a continent colonic urinary reservoir (Florida pouch) and to compare the urodynamic findings of the FV mechanism with the doubly plicated (PI) standard anti-incontinence segment in the same reservoir. METHODS Thirteen patients who(More)
The authors constructed a functional, sensate phallus for a 65-year-old male pseudohermaphrodite. Although their technique is employed frequently for gender reassignment and posttraumatic reconstruction, the opportunity to perform this procedure to aid an adult patient with ambiguous genitalia is unusual. Of course, having such a patient present for(More)
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