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There is something special about mRNA pseudoknots that allows them to elicit efficient levels of programmed -1 ribosomal frameshifting. Here, we present a synthesis of recent crystallographic, molecular, biochemical, and genetic studies to explain this property. Movement of 9 A by the anticodon loop of the aminoacyl-tRNA at the accommodation step normally(More)
BACKGROUND Botulinum toxin is a neuromuscular blocking agent produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It has been used as a therapeutic agent in ophthalmology for over 18 years. OBJECTIVE To present the cosmetic use of botulinum toxin in oculoplastic surgery. METHODS We present our experience with botulinum toxin as a cosmetic agent. RESULTS(More)
A wide range of RNA viruses use programmed -1 ribosomal frameshifting for the production of viral fusion proteins. Inspection of the overlap regions between ORF1a and ORF1b of the SARS-CoV genome revealed that, similar to all coronaviruses, a programmed -1 ribosomal frameshift could be used by the virus to produce a fusion protein. Computational analyses of(More)
Bicistronic reporter assay systems have become a mainstay of molecular biology. While the assays themselves encompass a broad range of diverse and unrelated experimental protocols, the numerical data garnered from these experiments often have similar statistical properties. In general, a primary dataset measures the paired expression of two internally(More)
We studied 81 men (79 homosexuals and 2 drug abusers) with persistent lymphadenopathy to determine whether those at risk for AIDS-related opportunistic infections could be identified prospectively. (Sixty-nine of 76 [91 per cent] had antibodies to human T-cell lymphotropic virus Type III [HTLV-III], and 76 of 79 [96 per cent] had abnormal T4/T8 cell(More)
PURPOSE This study of volume replacement in anophthalmic sockets compares the volume replaced by the implant and prosthesis with the volume removed from the socket and evaluates A-scan ultrasonography as a tool to predict an ideal implant size before enucleation. METHODS In this retrospective study of 59 anophthalmic patients, the volume replaced by the(More)
Global genomic approaches in cancer research have provided new and innovative strategies for the identification of signatures that differentiate various types of human cancers. Computational analysis of the promoter composition of the genes within these signatures may provide a powerful method for deducing the regulatory transcriptional networks that(More)
Ten Hooded Lister rats were divided from weaning into two groups of five. One group was fed exclusively on a liquid diet in the home cage (Complan-fed subjects), the other group was given normal laboratory chow (Chow-fed subjects). At approximately 60 days of age both groups were reduced to 80% of their ad lib body-weight and given pairings of a retractable(More)