Jonathan L. Freedman

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The construction and properties of the Belief in Good Luck (BIGL) Scale are described. Three studies provide evidence that reliable individual differences exist with respect to beliefs about luck. Some individuals maintain an irrational view of luck as a somewhat stable force that tends to influence events in their own favor, while others seem to hold the(More)
This paper outlines the setting up of a new service in primary care offering acupuncture to patients with severe osteoarthritis of the knee. The high volume clinic is funded under the Practice Based Commissioning initiative and is the first of its type in the UK. It appears to offer a model for similar services elsewhere.
BACKGROUND Acupuncture has been provided in nurse-led group clinics in St Albans since 2008. It is funded by a commissioning group within the National Health Service, on a trial basis, for patients with knee osteoarthritis who would otherwise be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. AIM To evaluate the patients seen in the service's first year of operation(More)
A recent innovation in acupuncture training at a clinic in a primary care practice is reported. The trainer is a General Practitioner within the practice and the trainee an academic nurse. The semi-structured training programme is outlined and benefits and challenges to both trainer and trainee are discussed. The patients generally welcomed the scheme. We(More)
The recent release of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report on violent television programming and its call for restricting children's access to such programming has once more brought this issue to public attention. There have been many statements about this issue by psychologists, politicians, and others. By those who believe that television(More)
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