Jonathan Kushnir

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BACKGROUND There is relatively little research on affective influences on physician behaviour, especially on prescribing and referrals. Affects include transitory moods and lasting emotions. OBJECTIVES We explored physician perceptions of the impact of four mood states on perceived rates of five behaviours: talking with patients, prescribing medications(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the relationship between perceived losses and gains of psychological resources and quality of life of adult daughters of women with schizophrenia. METHOD Thirty one adult daughters of mothers with schizophrenia (age range 30 to 50years) and thirty women of similar socio-demographic characteristics whose mothers were mentally(More)
BACKGROUND To determine teacher and parental perception of minimal expected sustained attention span during various daily tasks among elementary school children. METHODS 54 parents and 47 teachers completed the attention span questionnaire (AtSQ) that was developed for this study. The AtSQ consists of 15 academic and leisure tasks that require a child's(More)
OBJECTIVE Although sleep problems are widely known to be a prominent feature of childhood attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), little is known about the link between these difficulties and parental sleep disturbances. METHODS The design was cross-sectional assessing a clinical sample of 62 children, aged 7-17 years (mean age = 10.0 years)(More)
BACKGROUND Although excessive fears are common in preschool children, validated assessment tools for this age are lacking. Our aim was to modify and provide preliminary evidence of the utility of a preschoolers' fear screening tool, a parent-reported Fear Survey Schedule for Preschool Children (FSS-PC). METHODS 109 Israeli preschool children (aged 4-6(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine if children who suffer from significant Nighttime Fears (NF) experience higher degree of general fears and behavioral problems and to explore whether effortful control mediates NF association with internalizing problems. METHODS One-hundred and nine preschool children (64 boys) between the ages 4 and 6years suffering from significant(More)
Nighttime fears are very common in preschool years. During these years, children's fantasy-reality differentiation undergoes significant development. Our study was aimed at exploring the links between nighttime fears and fantasy-reality differentiation in preschool children. Eighty children (aged: 4-6 years) suffering from severe nighttime fears were(More)
BACKGROUND Listening to music has a stress-reducing effect in surgical procedures. The effects of listening to music immediately before a cesarean section have not been studied. The objective of this study was to assess the effects of listening to selected music while waiting for a cesarean section on emotional reactions, on cognitive appraisal of the(More)
The objective is to examine underlying associations between childhood fears, behavior problems and neurobehavioral functioning (NBF) in school-age children. Healthy, regular school children (N = 135), from second, fourth and sixth grade classes were assessed. Data regarding children's fears and behavioral problems were obtained with the Revised Fear Survey(More)
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