Jonathan K. Hodge

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An ordering of multidimensional alternatives is separable on a set of dimensions if fixing values on the complementary dimensions always produces the same induced ordering. Most often, studies of separability assume continuous alternative spaces; as we show, separability has different properties when alternative spaces are discrete. For instance, two(More)
The Darwin of pangenesis is very much another Darwin. Pangenesis is Darwin's comprehensive theory of generation, his theory about all sexual and asexual modes of reproduction and growth. He never explicitly integrated pangenesis with his theory of natural selection. He first formulated pangenesis in the 1840s and integrated it with the physiology, including(More)
Single-peaked preferences are important throughout social choice theory. In this article, we consider single-peaked preferences over multidimensional binary alternative spaces—that is, alternative spaces of the form {0, 1} n for some integer n ≥ 2. We show that preferences that are single-peaked with respect to a normalized separable base order are(More)
Historians of science have long been agreeing: what many textbooks of evolutionary biology say, about the histories of Darwinism and the New Synthesis, is just too simple to do justice to the complexities revealed to critical scholarship and historiography. There is no current consensus, however, on what grand narratives should replace those textbook(More)