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Comparison between blue lasers and light‐emitting diodes for future solid‐state lighting
Solid-state lighting (SSL) is now the most efficient source of high color quality white light ever created. Nevertheless, the blue InGaN light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are the light engine of SSLExpand
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III -nitride photonic-crystal light-emitting diodes with high extraction efficiency
Blue light-emitting diodes with a light extraction efficiency of 73% are reported. The InGaN–GaN devices use a photonic-crystal structure for superior optical mode control; their performance has beenExpand
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Toward Smart and Ultra-Efficient Solid-State Lighting
Solid-state lighting has made tremendous progress this past decade, with the potential to make much more progress over the coming decade. In this article, the current status of solid-state lightingExpand
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Four-color laser white illuminant demonstrating high color-rendering quality.
Solid-state lighting is currently based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and phosphors. Solid-state lighting based on lasers would offer significant advantages including high potential efficiencies atExpand
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High-power AlGaInN flip-chip light-emitting diodes
Data are presented on high-power AlGaInN flip-chip light-emitting diodes (FCLEDs). The FCLED is “flipped-over” or inverted compared to conventional AlGaInN light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and light isExpand
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InGaN/GaN quantum-well heterostructure light-emitting diodes employing photonic crystal structures
Electrical operation of InGaN/GaN quantum-well heterostructure photonic crystal light-emitting diodes (PXLEDs) is demonstrated. A triangular lattice photonic crystal is formed by dry etching into theExpand
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Advantages of III-nitride laser diodes in solid-state lighting
III-nitride laser diodes (LDs) are an interesting light source for solid-state lighting (SSL). Modelling of LDs is performed to reveal the potential advantages over traditionally used light-emittingExpand
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High Power LEDs – Technology Status and Market Applications
High power light emitting diodes (LEDs) continue to increase in output flux with the best III-nitride based devices today emitting over 150 lm of white, cyan, or green light. The key design featuresExpand
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Polarization anisotropy in the electroluminescence of m-plane InGaN–GaN multiple-quantum-well light-emitting diodes
InGaN–GaN multiple-quantum-well light-emitting diodes were fabricated on (101¯0) m plane GaN films grown on (101¯0) m plane 4H–SiC substrates. The [0001] axis of the epitaxial film is parallel to theExpand
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The potential of III‐nitride laser diodes for solid‐state lighting
The potential of III-nitride based laser diodes (LDs) for solid-state lighting (SSL) is discussed. State-of-the-art blue LDs have higher efficiencies at high input power densities when compared toExpand
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