Jonathan J. Elsner

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There is growing interest in the use of compliant materials as an alternative to hard bearing materials such as polyethylene, metal and ceramics in artificial joints. Cushion form bearings based on polycarbonate-urethane (PCU) mimic the natural synovial joint more closely by promoting fluid-film lubrication. In the current study, we used a physiological(More)
Soft bearing materials that aim to reproduce the tribological function of the natural joint are gaining popularity as an alternative concept to conventional hard bearing materials in the hip and knee. However, it has not been proven so far that an elastic cushion bearing can be sufficiently durable as a long term (∼20 years) articulating joint prosthesis.(More)
For many biomedical applications, there is a need for porous implant materials. The current article focuses on a method for preparation of drug-eluting porous structures for various biomedical applications, based on freeze drying of inverted emulsions. This fabrication process enables the incorporation of any drug, to obtain an " active implant " that(More)
BACKGROUND In this pilot study we wanted to evaluate the kinematics of a knee implanted with an artificial polycarbonate-urethane meniscus device, designed for medial meniscus replacement. The static kinematic behavior of the implant was compared to the natural medial meniscus of the non-operated knee. A second goal was to evaluate the motion pattern, the(More)
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