Jonathan J. Deeks MSc

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Under standardized conditions, the manometric motility of the distal colon following rectosigmoid anastomosis (N=11, median age 70 years, range 47–80), was compared to that following laparotomies not involving colonic anastomosis (N=9, 56 years, 32–65). Microtransducer probes were inserted peroperatively and colonic activity recorded continuously (median 96(More)
The effects of cisapride, given orally at standard therapeutic dosage (10 mg tds), on proximal small bowel interdigestive motility in ten healthy volunteers was assessed by prolonged ambulatory manometry. Cisapride did not alter the duration of the MMC cycle, duration of phase II or the propagation rate of phase III in either the daytime or nighttime(More)
OBJECTIVE: To determine the accuracy of the history and selected elements of the physical examination in the diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). DESIGN: Independent blind comparison of the standard clinical examination (evaluating the accuracy of history, wheezing, and forced expiratory time [FET]) with spirometry. The gold standard(More)
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