Jonathan Howarth

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As the first phase of a two-phase project, the International Usability Partners (IUP; conducted a study in nine different countries to identify cultural similarities and differences in the use of gestures on small, handheld, touchscreen user interfaces. A total of 340 participants in the study were asked to(More)
We are investigating the feasibility of end-user web engineering. The main target audience for this research is webmasters without programming experience – a group likely to be interested in building web applications. Our target domain is web-based data collection and management applications. As an instrument for studying the mental models of our audience(More)
Usability engineers rely on the usability information generated during evaluation activities to make decisions on which usability problems to fix and how to fix them. Anecdotal evidence, however, suggests that usability engineers often do not capture all necessary usability data, which limits their ability to understand and correct usability problems. We(More)
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