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One of our Centaur sample starts with perihelion initially under the control of Jupiter (1996 AR20), two start under the control of Saturn (Chiron and 1995 SN55) and one each starts under the control of Uranus (2000 FZ53) and Neptune (2002 FY36) respectively. A variety of interesting pathways are illustrated with detailed examples including: capture into(More)
The performance of phase-only optical correlators is usually reduced if the filter-plane phase differs from that prescribed for the classical matched filter. Current spatial light modulators, which frequently produce less than 2π phase modulation, and interface circuits, which quantize or incorrectly amplify signals placed on the spatial light modulator,(More)
An analysis is made of the overall light efficiency in a coherent optical correlator. The results are applied to a matched filter and an inverse filter. Kogelnik's coupled wave theory is applied to analyze the diffraction efficiency of a filter recorded on a high-efficiency phase medium such as dichromated gelatin. Experimental results are presented for a(More)
The phase-only filter (POF) and binary phase-only filter (BPOF) have been shown to have high optical efficiency, good target discrimination, and virtually no sidelobes. We present a simple method of amplitude encoding the signal phase information. These new filters have most of the same advantages of a POF or BPOF so that amplitude modulating spatial light(More)