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Mutualisms, beneficial interactions between species, are expected to be unstable because delivery of benefit likely involves fitness costs and selection should favour partners that deliver less benefit. Yet, mutualisms are common and persistent, even in the largely promiscuous associations between plants and soil microorganisms such as arbuscular(More)
Motion capture systems may be difficult to use in harsh environments such as a poultry plant, and therefore should be self-contained, portable, unobtrusive, and not interfere with or be degraded by plant machinery or processes. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the validity, reliability and accuracy of the ShapeTape system as a potential solution.(More)
—Bio-material cutting, such as meat deboning, is one of the most common operations in the food processing industry. It is also the largest employer of people in the United States. These tasks are currently manual processes with only limited use of fixed automation. The main difficulty in this task is the natural variability of the product's size and(More)
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