Jonathan Holman

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In this paper we describe the development of a new audio CAPTCHA called the SoundsRight CAPTCHA, and the evaluation of the CAPTCHA with 20 blind users. Blind users cannot use visual CAPTCHAs, and it has been documented in the research literature that the existing audio CAPTCHAs have task success rates below 50% for blind users. The SoundsRight audio CAPTCHA(More)
CAPTCHAs are widely used by websites for security and privacy purposes. However, traditional text-based CAPTCHAs are not suitable for individuals with visual impairments. We proposed and developed a new form of CAPTCHA that combines both visual and audio information to allow easy access by users with visual impairments. A preliminary evaluation suggests(More)
Despite growing interest in designing usable systems for managing privacy and security, recent efforts have generally failed to address the needs of users with disabilities. As security and privacy tools often rely upon subtle visual cues or other potentially inaccessible indicators, users with perceptual limitations might find such tools particularly(More)
Image Classification is one of the major applications of Image processing to place all the related images in a separate group. In some Recognition and Identification applications, Image classification is used to reduce the size of processing dataset. In this present work, the image classification is used to perform the digital character recognition. In this(More)
We consider restoring multiple interdependent infrastructure networks after a disaster damages components in them and disrupts the services provided by them. Our particular focus is on interdependent infrastructure restoration where both the operations and the restoration of the infrastructures are linked across systems. We provide new mathematical(More)
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