Jonathan Hindmarsh

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Brain tissue from normal individuals with incidental Lewy bodies and cell loss in pigmented substantia nigra neurons (asymptomatic Parkinson's disease) and age-matched control subjects without nigral Lewy bodies was examined biochemically. There was no difference in dopamine levels or dopamine turnover in the caudate and putamen of individuals with(More)
The role of nitric oxide (NO) in striatal dopamine release has been controversial. Most NO synthase inhibitors affect more than one isoform of the enzyme and exert vasoconstrictor effects which may also affect striatal dopamine function. We now report on the effect of a soluble monosodium salt of the selective brain NO synthase inhibitor 7-nitro indazole(More)
Nigral cell degeneration induced by 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tertrahydropyridine (MPTP) or its metabolite 1-methy1-4-phenyl pyridinium (MMP+) may involve toxicity induced by nitric oxide. In the present study a microdialysis procedure incorporating salicylate hydroxylation was used to measure striatal hydroxyl radical production through the formation of(More)
Fatherhood after vasectomy is rare. We describe 6 cases of DNA-proven fatherhood after vasectomy in association with persistently negative semen examination. All vasectomy patients and their partners should be counselled about the small possibility of late failure, and warning of failure should be recorded.
The effect of L-arginine (L-ARG; 10-100 mM) on dopamine efflux from rat striatum was investigated using in vivo microdialysis. L-ARG (50 mM-100 mM), but not D-arginine (100 mM) nor L-citrulline (100 mM), produced a biphasic effect on dopamine efflux with an initial small reduction, followed by a large sustained increase. The effect of L-ARG was not(More)
The physiological role of nitric oxide in the control of striatal dopamine release has not been fully established, therefore, the effect of neuronally produced nitric oxide (NO) on striatal dopamine (DA) efflux were investigated using in vivo microdialysis in anaesthetised and conscious rats. In the anaesthetised rat, the nitric oxide synthase inhibitors(More)