Jonathan Heubes

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Impact of Future Climate and Land Use Change on Non-timber Forest Product Provision in Benin, West Africa: Linking Niche-based Modeling with Ecosystem Service Values. Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) make a major contribution to the livelihoods of the West African population. However, these ecosystem services are threatened by climate and land use change.(More)
Though it is not unusual to observe sub-mylohyoidal mandibular cavities in relation to the submaxillary or sublingual (Stafnes cavities) salivary lobules, it is extremely rare to see an intramandibular salivary cyst in the region of the incisors. The salivary origin of the cyst was established after demonstrating amylase in the cyst fluid contents. The(More)
Radium therapy at the age of 3 years for an embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma of the paranasal fold resulted in severe cutaneous lesions but also relatively limited disturbances of growth of the corresponding maxilla: inclusion of the underlying canine and version of neighbouring teeth, very incomplete development of the nearest dental roots, absence of air(More)
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