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We show that a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) pathway controls embryonic migrations of blood cells (hemocytes) in Drosophila. The VEGF receptor homolog is expressed in hemocytes, and three VEGF homologs are expressed along hemocyte migration routes. A receptor mutation arrests progression of blood cell movement. Mutations in Vegf17E or Vegf27Cb(More)
We address problems of classification in which the number of input components (variables, features) is very large compared to the number of training samples. In this setting, it is often desirable to perform a feature selection to reduce the number of inputs, either for efficiency, performance, or to gain understanding of the data and the classifiers. We(More)
A capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry (CE-MS) method has been developed to perform routine, automated analysis of low-molecular-weight peptides in human serum. The method incorporates transient isotachophoresis for in-line preconcentration and a sheathless electrospray interface. To evaluate the performance of the method and demonstrate the utility(More)
Classification studies with high-dimensional measurements and relatively small sample sizes are increasingly common. Prospective analysis of the role of sample sizes in the performance of such studies is important for study design and interpretation of results, but the complexity of typical pattern discovery methods makes this problem challenging. The(More)
Equity is a core value of Health Impact Assessment (HIA). Many compelling moral, economic, and health arguments exist for prioritizing and incorporating equity considerations in HIA practice. Decision-makers, stakeholders, and HIA practitioners see the value of HIAs in uncovering the impacts of policy and planning decisions on various population subgroups,(More)
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