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The effects of an acute and high dose of palm alcohol (900 mg/kg bodyweight) on brain functioning were investigated in 10 healthy, non-alcoholic men. Each was given randomly-interspaced, paired, frequent standard (80%) and rare target auditory stimuli and asked to detect and signal the target tone by pressing a push button. These brain function tests were(More)
Contingent negative variation (CNV) and reaction time were examined in four groups of eight young adult men: controls, witnesses, students in physical and athletic education, and sprinters. Subjects, except the control group, were asked to detect and respond quickly by pressing a button in the following experimental conditions: 1) simple auditory stimuli,(More)
Seven right handed male students were submitted to standard and target paired auditory stimuli to determine the relationship between contingent negative variation (CNV) and the slow negative waves following non paired stimuli. The warning stimuli informed subjects whether or not the impending unconditional stimulus implied a motor response. Subjects were(More)