Jonathan Guzman

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AIMS The species identification and antimicrobial resistance profiles were determined for enterococci isolated from Southern California surface and ocean waters. METHODS AND RESULTS Species identification was determined for 1413 presumptive Enterococcus isolates from urban runoff, bay, ocean and sewage water samples. The most frequently isolated species(More)
Environmental heterogeneity mostly dominated by differing light regimes affects the expression of phenotypic plasticity, which is important for plant growth and survival, especially in the forest understory. The knowledge about these responses to this heterogeneity is a key factor for forest restoration initiatives. In this study, we determine several(More)
We show that the cop number of every generalized Petersen graph is at most 4. The strategy is to play a modified game of cops and robbers on an infinite cyclic covering space where the objective is to capture the robber or force the robber towards an end of the infinite graph. We prove that finite isometric subtrees are 1-guardable and apply this to(More)
We prove local and pointwise error estimates for the local discon-tinuous Galerkin method applied to Stokes problem in two and three dimensions. By using techniques originally developed by A. Schatz [Math. Comp., 67 (1998), 877-899] to prove pointwise estimates for the Laplace equation, we prove optimal weighted pointwise estimates for both the velocity and(More)
We studied the geographic variation of skulls of Lycalopex culpaeus using qualitative and quantative analyses. The sampling area covered Chile, from its northern portion, to Tierra del Fuego and the neighbouring Hoste Island, as well as part of Argentina. Five subespecies are currently recognized from this large area. We found two morphotypes that are(More)
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