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Many systems, applications, and features that support cooperative work share two characteristics: A significant investment has been made in their development, and their successes have consistently fallen far short of expectations. Examination of several application areas reveals a common dynamic: 1) A factor contributing to the application's failure is the(More)
We describe the evolution of the novel shared drawing medium ClearBoard which was designed to seamlessly integrate an interpersonal space and a shared workspace. ClearBoard permits coworkers in two locations to draw with color markers or with electronic pens and software tools while maintaining direct eye contact and the ability to employ natural gestures.(More)
The use of social networking software by professionals is increasing dramatically. How it is used, whether it enhances or reduces productivity, and how enterprise-friendly design and use might evolve are open questions. We examine attitudes and behaviors in a large, technologically-savvy organization through a broad survey and thirty focused interviews. We(More)
As streaming audio-video technology becomes widespread, there is a dramatic increase in the amount of multimedia content available on the net. Users face a new challenge: How to examine large amounts of multimedia content quickly. One technique that can enable quick overview of multimedia is video summaries; that is, a shorter version assembled by picking(More)