Jonathan Grote

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We provide a rigorous lower bound for the topological entropy of planar diffeomorphisms in terms of the geometry of finite pieces of stable and unstable mani-folds of hyperbolic periodic points. Our results suggest the possibility of writing computer programs which would automate the estimation of reasonable approximations for the topological entropy of(More)
Dot-blot is a versatile and simple analysis to perform. We adapted this method as a simple identity test for monoclonal antibodies to a number of small compounds: three transplant drugs, an anticonvulsant, a steroid, an anticancer drug, and an antibiotic. Immunology-based identity tests using low-molecular-mass organic compounds have historically been a(More)
We present the results of a study performed on the interactions of 10.6A GeV gold nuclei in nuclear emulsions. In a minimum bias sample of 1311 interactions, 5260 helium nuclei and 2622 heavy fragments were observed as Au projectile fragments. The experimental data are analyzed with particular emphasis of target separation interactions in emulsions and(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the mechanism by which the ARCHITECT cyclosporine (CsA) chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay (CMIA) eliminates cross-reactivity to CsA metabolites AM1 and AM9, despite its use of a monoclonal antibody which shows cross-reactivity in fluorescence polarization immunoassays. DESIGN AND METHODS The CMIA was accomplished by(More)
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