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Over the last five years, a range of projects have focused on progressively more elaborated techniques for adaptive news delivery. However, the adaptation process in these systems has become more complicated and thus less transparent to the users. In this paper, we concentrate on the application of open user models in adding transparency and controllability(More)
BACKGROUND Collaborative care interventions to treat depression have begun to be tested in settings outside of primary care. However, few studies have expanded the collaborative care model to other settings and targeted comorbid physical symptoms of depression. PURPOSE The aims of this report were to: (1) describe the design and methods of a trial testing(More)
Personalized Web search has emerged as one of the hottest topics for both the Web industry and academic researchers. However, the majority of studies on personalized search focused on a rather simple type of search, which leaves an important research topic - the personalization in exploratory searches - as an under-studied area. In this paper, we present a(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of a collaborative care intervention in reducing depression, pain, and fatigue and improve quality of life. METHODS A total of 261 patients with advanced cancer and 179 family caregivers were randomized to a web-based collaborative care intervention or enhanced usual care. The intervention(More)
In this research, we proposed and validated an approach to using information visualization to augment search engines in supporting the analysis of business stakeholder information on the Web. We report in this paper findings from a preliminary evaluation comparing a visualization prototype with a traditional method of stakeholder analysis (Web browsing and(More)
To guide our work on adaptive explanatory program visualization the authors prepared a questionnaire that was broadly distributed among teachers of programming-related subjects. The questionnaire was designed to collect a list of topics that are considered important, but hard to teach and to solicit suggestions on using visualization for teaching these(More)
The technologies and the ideas of Web 2.0 have significantly changed users in thinking and using Web information in their work and other aspects of daily life. More and more Web users, from sophisticated to naïve, are more willing to share online their own ideas, readings, documents, and many other materials. As a result, there is much more potential(More)
Virtual Patients (VPs) have been successful in health education to promote and foster communication. Additionally , computer simulations offer the advantage of being standardized, repeatable, and do not require as much resources as role-play simulations. The research presented in this paper offers to explore the impact of a Clinical Audiology Simulator(More)