Jonathan G. Murnick

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A fundamental question in synaptic physiology is whether the unitary strength of a synapse can be regulated by presynaptic characteristics and, if so, what those characteristics might be. Here, we characterize a newly proposed mechanism for altering the strength of glutamatergic synapses based on the recently identified vesicular glutamate transporter(More)
We present a technique for stimulating post-synaptic receptors with neurotransmitter locally at a single synapse and with a concentration profile that is comparable to endogenous stimulation. We modify the technique of iontophoresis to use a 0.1 microm electrode tip for local stimulation, and we combine it with fast capacitance compensation to achieve(More)
We present a new statistically optimal approach to estimate transcript levels and ratios from one or more gene array experiments. The Bayesian Estimation of Array Measurements (BEAM) technique uses a model of measurement noise and prior information to estimate biological expression levels. It provides a principled method to deal with negative expression(More)
Gene arrays demonstrate a promising ability to characterize expression levels across the entire genome but suffer from significant levels of measurement noise. We present a rigorous new approach to estimate transcript levels and ratios from one or more gene array experiments, given a model of measurement noise and available prior information. The Bayesian(More)
Bayesian Estimaton of Array Measurements (BEAM) technique for creating a noise model for gene arrays from experimental data and for using such a noise model to identify significant changes in expression level, combine repeated measurements, or deal with negative expression level measurements. This supplement describes efficient methods to compute the(More)
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