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From 1975 through 1979, 29 members of The Cleveland Vascular Society operated on 1049 patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms; of these, 152 ruptured aneurysms. The postoperative mortality rate was 38% (58 of 152). In 27% (41 of 152) of the patients, a diagnosis was made prior to rupture, and the average interval from diagnosis rupture was 16 months. A(More)
This case-control study evaluates the relationship between leukemia and the work histories of active and retired employees of a large petroleum company. The study includes 69 cases with leukemia and 284 matched controls. Employment in production-related work in the oil and gas division was associated with myelogenous leukemia (odds ratio [OR] = 2.0, 95%(More)
3D game development is an exciting activity for many students. But getting a handle on 3D game development for novices may be a daunting task. We take this opportunity to present a quick introduction to 3D game development through a few tutorials. For the next few columns a set of tutorials for a 3D first person shooter game developed by graduate and(More)
become a growing concern in recent years for all operators of high-power rectifier systems installed for the production of chlorine, primary aluminum, copper, and many other processes requiring dc power. These industries have become very sensitive to all factors that have a negative impact on their operating cost structure. Efficiency, reliability, and(More)
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