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As a part of the METER (MEasuring TExt Reuse) project we have built a new type of comparable corpus consisting of annotated examples of related newspaper texts. Texts in the corpus were manually collected from two main sources: the British Press Association (PA) and nine British national newspapers that subscribe to the PA newswire service. In addition to(More)
This study explores the relationship between fear of various types of sexual offenders and a belief that those sexual offenders should be subject to sex offender registration. We hypothesized that those who offend against children would elicit the most fear; consequently, the most feared offenders would be rated as most requiring registration. As part of a(More)
A repetitive movement practice by motor imagery (MI) can influence motor cortical excitability in the electroencephalogram (EEG). This study investigated if a realistic visualization in 3D of upper and lower limb movements can amplify motor related potentials during subsequent MI. We hypothesized that a richer sensory visualization might be more effective(More)
The success of the Traffic Management Advisor (TMA) system at Fort Worth Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) and other ARTCCs has prompted the further development of TMA to address problems in the congested environment of the Northeast corridor of the US National Airspace System (NAS). This region is characterized by terminal areas whose arrivals(More)
We describe Cubreporter, a project which investigates the use of advanced natural language processing techniques to enhance access to a news archive for the specific purpose of background writing. We describe the problem of background writing for a breaking news story and the requirement for advanced NLP tools. We focus on the description of the overall(More)
Automatic summarization of reader comments in on-line news is an extremely challenging task and a capability for which there is a clear need. Work to date has focussed on producing extractive summaries using well-known techniques imported from other areas of language processing. But are extractive summaries of comments what users really want? Do they(More)