Jonathan F. Spencer

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We previously compared the component alignment in total knee replacement using a computer-navigated technique with a conventional jig-based method. We randomly allocated 71 patients to undergo either computer-navigated or conventional replacement. An improved alignment was seen in the computer-navigated group. The patients were then followed up(More)
Our aim was to assess the intra- and inter-observer reliability in the establishment of the anterior pelvic plane used in imageless computer-assisted navigation. From this we determined the subsequent effects on version and inclination of the acetabular component. A cadaver model was developed with a specifically-designed rod which held the component(More)
BACKGROUND Alkaptonuria is a rare single-gene disorder characterized by black pigmentation of cartilage and other connective tissues. Premature degenerative arthritis affects the large joints in many of these of patients. Medical treatment is limited to a protein-restricted diet (phenylalanine and tyrosine) with surgery reserved for end-stage joint disease.(More)
Using a cohort of 49 families with at least one affected female sibling pair who had total hip arthroplasty for end-stage primary osteoarthritis, we determined the prevalence and relative risk of symptomatic and radiographic osteoarthritis in 145 children. The relative risk of symptomatic radiographic osteoarthritis in these 145 offspring was 3.5 times(More)
XML and the technologies that make use of it (XPath, XSL, etc.) have massive potential for information collection, storage, and visualization. One application in which their functionality stands out is the collection and visualization of social relationships in hacker forums. This information can be used by law enforcement to discover potential informants(More)
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