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One of the defining characteristics of humans, one that could also explain our species' success, is probably our ability to cook food. A brief review of the literature suggests several adaptations of the mouth can be interpreted to support this. All probably enhance the efficiency of the physical treatment of food in the mouth.
Forensic odontologists are often called upon to assist in the identification of bodies. Since identification of the body relies on comparison of the post-mortem chart with the ante-mortem record it is important that all restorations present in the deceased's teeth are identified and correctly charted. If a restoration is present in an ante-mortem record(More)
After a major disaster, identification of the victims may have to be performed by comparison of the antemortem and post-mortem dental records. Ante-mortem records often contain errors and these must be identified, and compensated for in some way. A computer system for the comparison of large numbers of ante-mortem and post-mortem dental records has been(More)
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