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Argument and debate are common in science, yet they are virtually absent from science education. Recent research shows, however, that opportunities for students to engage in collaborative discourse and argumentation offer a means of enhancing student conceptual understanding and students' skills and capabilities with scientific reasoning. As one of the(More)
The science that is encountered by adults, whether through the media or through work contexts, typically presents questions, decisions and the need for prioritisation. There is general agreement that, in order to respond to the questions, decisions and prioritisation, people need to know something about the functioning of science itself. We term this(More)
Acknowledgements e research study presented in this report was one of four interrelated projects, exploring the relationship between research and practice in science education, undertaken by the Evidence-based Executive Summary iii 1 Background 1 1.1 Aims 1 1.2 Evidence-based practice 1 1.3 Professional knowledge 2 1.4 Use of research knowledge 4 2(More)
Recent arguments propose that school science should pay more attention to teaching epistemic aspects of science. However, unlike the content of science, little is known about the extent of consensus within the science education community on which 'ideas-about-science' are essential elements of the science curriculum. This study sought to answer this issue(More)
This text will help students understand the concepts involved in CIM and it will provide a foundation for applying those concepts in actual industrial situations. CIM is. With design of products changing frequently, and functional requirements becoming more demanding, batch production of high precision components has become a necessity. The. Provides(More)
Following a previous study of the one-loop factorization of the nonsinglet g 2 structure function of the nucleon, we present in this paper the next-to-leading order coefficient functions in the singlet sector. To obtain the result, the partonic processes of virtual Compton scattering off two and three " on-shell " gluons are calculated. A key step in(More)
Over the last decade macroeconomic studies have established a clear link between student achievement on science and math tests and per capita gross domestic product (GDP) growth, supporting the widely held belief that science, technology, engineering, and math(STEM) education are important factors in the production of economic prosperity. We critique(More)