Jonathan E. Shapiro

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We are interested in understanding the mechanisms behind and the character of the sway motion of healthy human subjects during quiet standing. We assume that a human body can be modelled as a single-link inverted pendulum, and the balance is achieved using linear feedback control. Using these assumptions, we derive a switched model which we then(More)
Conflict in multi-agent systems is ubiquitous. Research often focuses on the process of resolving conflicts between different agents. We call this the inter-agent conflict resolution process. However, in complex problem solving agents the process of resolving conflicts with other agents impacts local problem solving as well as deals made with other agents.(More)
Recently, Aleksandrov measures have been used to find new formulas for the essential norms of composition operators. Here it is shown how these measures also provide information about the essential norm of the difference of two composition operators. The utility of the Aleksandrov–measure approach to the study of composition operators is illustrated in the(More)
We generalize the notion of the angular derivative of a holomor-phic self-map, b, of the unit disk by replacing the usual di¤erence quotient b(z)¡b(z 0) z¡z 0 with a di¤erence quotient relative to an inner function u, 1¡b(z) 1¡u(z). We relate properties of this generalized di¤erence quotient to properties of the Aleksandrov measures associated with the(More)
The notion of the angular derivative of a holomorphic self-map b of the unit disk has been generalized to that of an angular derivative of b relative to an inner function u. In this paper, we provide three more conditions equivalent to the existence of an angular derivative of b relative to u, and use these notions to provide a generalization of Julia's(More)
BACKGROUND Organizational culture is considered by policy-makers, clinicians, health service managers and researchers to be a crucial mediator in the success of implementing health service redesign. It is a challenge to find a method to capture cultural issues that is both theoretically robust and meaningful to those working in the organizations concerned.(More)
The Little Hoover Commission, formally known as the Milton Marks " Little Hoover " Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy, is an independent state oversight agency. By statute, the Commission is a bipartisan board composed of five public members appointed by the governor, four public members appointed by the Legislature, two(More)
  • Daniel W. Hancock, Victoria Bradshaw, +9 authors Robert D. Dutton
  • 2010
The Honorable Darrell Steinberg The Honorable Robert D. Dutton President pro Tempore of the Senate Senate Minority Leader and members of the Senate The Honorable John A. Pérez The Honorable Connie Conway Speaker of the Assembly Assembly Minority Leader and members of the Assembly Dear Governor and Members of the Legislature: California's pension plans are(More)
The field of economics has received increasing attention from researchers in both artificial intelligence and distributed systems. In large-scale open systems, the competing interests of autonomous users must be explicitly considered in system designs to ensure global performance objectives are satisfied. At the same time, reasoning about the tradeoffs(More)
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