Jonathan E. Shapiro

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For a n u m b e r of year~ investigators generally agreed that electron optical studies had established a basic pattern for the axial fiber bundle of sperm tails. This consisted essentially of two single ilia-ments centered within a ring made up of nine doublet filaments. It was further established that this structure possessed bilateral symmetry, All of(More)
Conflict in multi-agent systems is ubiquitous. Research often focuses on the process of resolving conflicts between different agents. We call this the inter-agent conflict resolution process. However, in complex problem solving agents the process of resolving conflicts with other agents impacts local problem solving as well as deals made with other agents.(More)
Recently, Aleksandrov measures have been used to find new formulas for the essential norms of composition operators. Here it is shown how these measures also provide information about the essential norm of the difference of two composition operators. The utility of the Aleksandrov–measure approach to the study of composition operators is illustrated in the(More)
BACKGROUND Organizational culture is considered by policy-makers, clinicians, health service managers and researchers to be a crucial mediator in the success of implementing health service redesign. It is a challenge to find a method to capture cultural issues that is both theoretically robust and meaningful to those working in the organizations concerned.(More)