Jonathan Dubnov

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BACKGROUND Classic Kaposi sarcoma (CKS) is a relatively rare vascular disease primarily affecting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-uninfected elderly men. The infection with Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) is necessary for the establishment of Kaposi sarcoma (KS), although it is not sufficient. Thus, only a small fraction of KSHV-infected(More)
The Israel National Cancer Registry reported in 2001 that cancer incidence rates in the Haifa area are roughly 20% above the national average. Since Haifa has been the major industrial center in Israel since 1930, concern has been raised that the elevated cancer rates may be associated with historically high air pollution levels. This work tests whether(More)
In social and environmental sciences, ecological fallacy is an incorrect assumption about an individual based on aggregate data for a group. In the present study, the validity of this assumption was tested using both individual estimates of exposure to air pollution and aggregate data for 1,492 schoolchildren living in the in vicinity of a major coal-fired(More)
OBJECTIVE Using a twins study, we sought to assess the contribution of genetic against environmental factor as they affect the age at transition from infancy to childhood (ICT). STUDY DESIGN The subjects were 56 pairs of monozygotic twins, 106 pairs of dizygotic twins, and 106 pairs of regular siblings (SBs), for a total of 536 children. Their ICT was(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The relationship between exposure to petroleum products and cancer is well-established in occupational studies carried out among employees of transportation and oil-producing industries. However, question remains whether living near petroleum storage facilities may represent a cancer risk. In the present study, we examined cancer(More)
BACKGROUND Classic Kaposi's sarcoma (CKS) primarily affects elderly Mediterranean or Eastern European men. Incidence rates of CKS in Israel are among the world's highest. In practically all cases, antibodies against Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) can be detected. A relatively high seroprevalence rate of KSHV in Israel generally correlates(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of exposure to air pollution by NO(x) and SO(2) on the development of pulmonary function of children, characterized by different health status. METHODS A cohort of 1181 schoolchildren from the 2nd to 5th grades, residing near a major coal-fired power plant in the Hadera district of Israel, were subdivided into three(More)
This study investigates the association between exposure to ambient NOx and SO2 originating from power plant emissions and prevalence of obstructive pulmonary disease and related symptoms. The Orot Rabin coal-fired power plant is the largest power generating facility in the Eastern Mediterranean. Two novel methods assessing exposure to power plant-specific(More)
Using geographical information systems (GIS) tools, the present study analyzed the association between children's lung function development and their long-term exposure to air pollution. The study covered the cohort of 1492 schoolchildren living in the vicinity of a major coal-fired power station in the Hadera sub-district of Israel. In 1996 and 1999, the(More)
The medical records of 3922 school children residing in the Greater Haifa Metropolitan Area in Northern Israel were analyzed. Individual exposure to ambient air pollution (SO(2) and PM(10)) for each child was estimated using Geographic Information Systems tools. Factors affecting childhood asthma risk were then investigated using logistic regression and the(More)