Jonathan DiLorenzo

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Several experiments investigated the theory that there is a tendency to interpret the axes of a large tilted frame of reference as surrogates of the main axes of the environment. Therefore there is a tendency to perceive such a frame as either upright or as less tilted thanit is--righting-- and, accordingly, to perceive a vertical rod as tilted in the(More)
We present a method for automatically repairing arbitrary software defects in embedded systems, which have limited memory, disk and CPU capacities, but exist in great numbers. We extend evolutionary computation (EC) algorithms that search for valid repairs at the source code level to assembly and ELF format binaries, compensating for limited system(More)
File systems are often used to store persistent application data, but manipulating file systems using standard APIs can be difficult for programmers. Forest is a domain-specific language that bridges the gap between the on-disk and in-memory representations of file system data. Given a high-level specification of the structure, contents, and properties of a(More)
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