Jonathan Dewhurst

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An estimated 13 million people worldwide inject drugs. Of those, 78 percent live in developing or transitional countries. The sharing of contaminated injecting equipment has become a major driving force of the global AIDS pandemic, and is the primary mode of HIV transmission in many countries throughout Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent(More)
A review of pediatric breast disorders is provided, with particular attention given to the topics of fibroadenoma, cystosarcoma phylloides, breast infections, breast cancer, and benign breast disease. The pediatric clinician is strongly encouraged to include the breast system as part of a complete examination and educational process.
Fifteen patients with various developmental and acquired abnormalities of the vagina were treated by the application of human amnion over a mold after surgical dissection of a space for the new vagina or enlargement of an existing but strictured one. Excellent results were achieved in cases of complete and partial vaginal agenesis, and there was improvement(More)
A search of the medical records at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street and Chelsea Hospital for Women, London, revealed 51 cases of vaginal bleeding in children under the age of 10 occurring in the years 1962 through 1977. The bleeding was caused by some form of precocious puberty in 37 patients (73 per cent). Eight of these patients had(More)
Forty-seven women were studied during the course of pregnancy in an attempt to predict which of them would later rate themselves as suffering from depressed mood post-natally. Psychometric and physiology measures were used in the three trimesters of pregnancy and six weeks after birth. The psychometric measures used ante-natally and post-natally comprised(More)
"This paper systematically relates local survey data to national census data in an investigation of one peripheral form of counter-urbanization now regarded as widely present in developed countries. The recent growth and spatial distribution of long-distance English migration to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is described, and then 'explained'(More)