Jonathan D Tammam

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Nutrient deficiencies have been implicated in anti-social behaviour in schoolchildren; hence, correcting them may improve sociability. We therefore tested the effects of vitamin, mineral and n-3 supplementation on behaviour in a 12-week double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial in typically developing UK adolescents aged 13-16 years (n 196). Changes(More)
Developmental dyslexia affects 5%-10% of the population, resulting in poor spelling and reading skills. While there are well-documented differences in the way dyslexics process low-level visual and auditory stimuli, it is mostly unknown whether there are similar differences in audiovisual multisensory processes. Here, we investigated audiovisual integration(More)
Direct measurement of dissolved gases and low molecular weight volatiles through permeable membranes (e.g. 50-microm-thick silicone rubber), provides an invaluable tool for the investigation of the activities of microorganisms in the laboratory and in their natural environments. Multiple molecular species are monitored at a single point. Fast response times(More)
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