Jonathan D. S. Klein

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INTRODUCTION People worldwide depend upon daily fish consumption as a major source of protein and other nutrients. Fish are high in nutrients essential for normal brain development, but they also contain methylmercury (MeHg), a neurotoxicant. Our studies in a population consuming fish daily have indicated no consistent pattern of adverse associations(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Electronic cigarette (E-cigarettes) emissions present a potentially new hazard to neonates through inhalation, dermal and oral contact. Exposure to nicotine containing E-cigarettes may cause significant systemic absorption in neonates due to the potential for multi-route exposure. Systemic absorption of nicotine and constituents of(More)
PURPOSE Set-shifting is a neurocognitive concept defined as the ability to switch tasks flexibly. Set-shifting scores are worse in adults with restrictive anorexia nervosa (AN-R) than in controls. Adolescence is a developmental period when young people must respond flexibly to new situations. The purpose of this study was to compare the set-shifting scores(More)
This article's goals are to identify the characteristics of abusive heterosexual dating relationships among adolescents. Using the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health dataset, an analysis of 4,441 heterosexual relationships was completed using logistic regression models (SAS PROC GENMOD). The associations between being verbally and physically(More)
Non-smokers are exposed to tobacco smoke from the burning cigarette and the exhaled smoke from smokers. In spite of decades of development of approaches to assess secondhand smoke exposure (SHSe), there are still unresolved methodological issues. This manuscript summarises the scientific evidence on the use of SHSe reported measures and their methods,(More)
PURPOSE The Rochester Evaluation of Asset Development for Youth (READY) is a brief program-controlled evaluation and quality improvement tool used for assessment of four developmental assets for youth: caring adult relationships, basic social skills, decision making, and constructive use of leisure time. This article reports on the early implementation and(More)
METHODS Timed-pregnant C57BL/6J mice were exposed to 2.4% nicotine in propylene glycol (PG) or 0% nicotine /PG once a day from gestational day 15 until delivery. After delivery, offspring and mothers were exposed to E-cigarette vapors for an additional 14 days from postnatal day 2 through 16. Following their last exposure serum cotinine levels were measured(More)
There are two major forms of amyloidosis, primary amyloidosis (AL) and secondary amyloidosis. AL amyloidosis results from deposition of immunoglobulin light chains or their fragments. One such example is AL amyloidosis associated with multiple myeloma, in which overproduced immunoglobulin light chains get deposited onto tissues, leading to tissue(More)
Tobacco use is a pervasive public health problem and the leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality in the United States. This article reviews the epidemiology of tobacco use in youth, with a description of cigarettes, alternative tobacco product, and polytobacco use patterns among the general population and among adolescents with psychiatric(More)