Jonathan D. Bright

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We present an eecient algorithm which can check the answers given by the fundamental abstract data types priority queues and mergeable priority queues. This is the rst linear-time checker for mergeable priority queues. These abstract data types are widely used in routing, scheduling, simulation, computational geometry and many other algorithmic domains. We(More)
1994 ii Abstract For many years, there has been tremendous interest in methods to make computation more reliable. In this thesis, we explore various techniques that can be implemented in software to help insure the correctness of the output of a program. The basic tool we use is a generalization of the notion of a program checker called a certiier. A(More)
Network attached storage systems must provide highly available access to data while maintaining high performance, easy management, and maximum scalability. In this paper, we describe a clustered storage system that was designed with these goals in mind. The system provides a unified file system image across multiple nodes, which allows for simplified(More)
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