Jonathan D. Barnes

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OBJECT The pathophysiology of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) is unclear. Sex may play a role in the outcome of patients with aSAH. METHODS The authors retrospectively identified 617 patients with aSAH (April 2005 to February 2010) and analyzed sex differences in risk factors (age, hypertension, smoking, alcohol consumption, and family history),(More)
OBJECTIVE Wyburn-Mason syndrome is a rare disease associated with multiple arteriovenous malformations of the brain, orbit, and face resulting from an insult occurring during embryonic development. CASE REPORT We present the clinical and radiological features of a 47-year-old-man with Wyburn-Mason syndrome who suffered from recurrent bleeding episodes(More)
INTRODUCTION The effects of age, height, and gender on magnetic central and peripheral motor conduction times (CMCT, PMCT) were analyzed using a multiple regression model. METHODS Motor evoked potentials were recorded in 91 healthy volunteers. Magnetic stimulation was performed over the primary motor cortex (cortical latency) and over the cervical and(More)
Infants attune to their birth language during the second half of infancy. However, internationally adopted children are often uniquely required to attune to their birth language, and then reattune to their adoptive language. Children who were adopted from India into America at ages 6-60 months (N = 8) and had minimal further exposure to their birth(More)
The Segway, the two-wheeled, motorised self-transport device is becoming increasingly popular across the globe with the trend of Segway tours now starting to hit cities across the UK. However, Segways have been shown to be potentially extremely dangerous. Stumbling from a moving Segway places pressure on the knee joint while it is being medially or(More)
Distal radius fractures are common injuries in children. Those that affect the growth plate (physis) need to be managed carefully as inadequate management may lead to long-term deformity and a reduction in function. However, different management strategies all have drawbacks and controversy exists over how best to manage these cases. This is the case of a(More)
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