Jonathan Correa

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Carina Höglund, Jens Birch, Ken Andersen, Thierry Bigault, Jean-Claude Buffet, Jonathan Correa, Patrick van Esch, Bruno Guerard, Richard Hall-Wilton, Jens Jensen, Anton Khaplanov, Francesco Piscitelli, Christian Vettier, Wilhelmus Vollenberg and Lars Hultman, B4C thin films for neutron detection, 2012, Journal of Applied Physics, (111), 10, 104908.(More)
A neutron detector concept based on solid layers of boron carbide enriched in B has been in development for the last few years as an alternative for He by collaboration between the ILL, ESS and Linköping University. This Multi-Grid detector uses layers of aluminum substrates coated with B4C on both sides that are traversed by the incoming neutrons.(More)
Large and productive fisheries occur in regions experiencing or projected to experience ocean acidification. Anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) constitute the world's largest single-species fishery and live in one of the ocean's highest pCO2 regions. We investigated the relationship of the distribution and abundance of Anchoveta eggs and larvae to natural(More)
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