Jonathan Chipman

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This study sought to replicate Herbert et al. (2003a), which found increased overall white matter (WM) volume in subjects with autism, even after controlling for head size differences. To avoid the possibility that greater WM volume in autism is merely an epiphenomena of macrocephaly overrepresentation associated with the disorder, the current study(More)
On June 18, 2001 a powerful (F-3) tornado struck the village of Siren and other parts of Burnett County in northwestern Wisconsin, leaving a multi-million dollar swath of destruction more than 40 km long through a heavily forested area. This storm resulted in three deaths, eight serious injuries, complete destruction of 147 homes and damage to 451 others.(More)
This file was created by scanning the printed publication. Text errors identified by the software have been corrected: however some errors may remain. Abstract: We describe the process by which the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network standardised their metadata through the adoption of the Ecological Metadata Language (EML). We describe the(More)
Remote sensing, geographic information systems, spatial analysis Satellite-based monitoring of hydrology and lake water quality Environmental applications of synthetic aperture radar and SAR interferometry Facilitating the adoption of geospatial science and technology in the curriculum
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