Jonathan C. Park

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PURPOSE To determine the effect of distraction on anterior segment surgical performance using a virtual reality simulator in expert and novice surgeons. SETTING Horizon Suite Simulation Centre, South Devon Foundation NHS Trust, Devon, England. DESIGN Cohort study. METHODS Expert and novice ophthalmic surgeons completed a standardized and validated(More)
AIM To investigate the impact of an interdisciplinary low vision service on the vision related quality of life of service users. METHODS 71 patients were interviewed 2 weeks before their appointment with the service and again 6 months later to assess any changes in their vision related quality of life. The majority of these patients had age related(More)
PURPOSE To establish the safety of nondominant-hand simulated intraocular surgery. SETTING Horizon Suite Simulation Centre, South Devon Foundation NHS Trust, Devon, United Kingdom. DESIGN Cohort study. METHODS Physicians with no previous ophthalmic surgical experience completed an introductory program on the EyeSi ophthalmic surgical simulator to(More)
AIM To establish the effect of acute loss of stereopsis on simulated intraocular surgical performance. METHODS This study was performed using the EYESi ophthalmic surgical simulator. Thirty junior doctors with no previous ophthalmic surgical experience were enrolled and distance visual acuity (Snellen), near visual acuity and stereoacuity (Frisby) were(More)
STUDY DESIGN Cadaver motion segments were used to evaluate the effects of vertebroplasty on spinal loading following vertebral fracture. OBJECTIVES To determine if vertebroplasty reverses fracture-induced changes in the distribution of compressive stress in cadaver motion segments. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Vertebroplasty involves reinforcement of(More)
PURPOSE To report a case of multifocal serous retinal detachments associated with pimasertib. METHODS The authors report a 26-year-old patient who developed bilateral multifocal serous retinal detachments appearing 2 days after starting pimasertib (as part of a clinical trial investigating its use in low-grade metastatic ovarian cancer) and rapidly(More)
To determine the effect of fatigue on intraocular surgical performance using a virtual reality simulator. Seven experienced ophthalmic surgeons were recruited. The first set of data collection was immediately before a live theatre session. Each surgeon received a standardized orientation to a virtual reality cataract surgery simulator (Eyesi©, VRmagic,(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS This is the first nationwide prospective study to investigate the incidence and risk factors of endophthalmitis following pars plana vitrectomy (PPV). METHODS This was a prospective, nationwide case-control study. Cases of presumed infectious endophthalmitis within 6 weeks of PPV were reported via the established British Ophthalmological(More)
AIMS To compare the quality of referrals and listing rates of direct optometric referrals vs traditional GP referrals for cataract surgery. METHODS A retrospective cohort of 124 patients referred for cataract surgery was identified (62 via optometric pathway and 62 via GP pathway). The quality of the referral was assessed by establishing if it contained(More)