Jonathan C. Hardwick

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This paper describes the design and implementation of a practical parallel algorithm for Delau-nay triangulation that works well on general distributions. Although there have been many theoretical parallel algorithms for the problem, and some implementations based on bucketing that work well for uniform distributions , there has been little work on(More)
This paper gives an overview of the implementation of NESL, a portable nested data-parallel language. This language and its implementation are the first to fully support nested data structures as well as nested data-parallel function calls. These features allow the concise description of parallel algorithms on irregular data, such as sparse matrices and(More)
This paper describes the derivation of an empirically efficient parallel two-dimensional Delaunay triangulation program from a theoretically efficient CREW PRAM algorithm. Compared to previous work, the resulting implementation is not limited to dataaets with a uniform dktribution of points, achieves significantly better speedups over good serial code, and(More)
Several recent papers have proposed or analyzed optimal algorithms to route all-to-all personalized communication (AAPC) over communication networks such as meshes, hypercubes and omega switches. However, the constant factors of these algorithms are often an obscure function of system parameters such as link speed, processor clock rate, and memory access(More)
We motivate and describe the design and implementation of a system for compiling the high-level programming language Nesl into Java. As well as increasing the portability o f Nesl, this system has enabled us to make existing simulations and algorithm animations available in applet form on the web. We p r e s e n t performance results showing that current J(More)
A common problem that sales consultants face in the field is the selection of an appropriate hardware and software configuration for web farms. Over-provisioning means that the tender will be expensive while under-provisioning will lead to a configuration that does not meet the customer criteria. Indy is a performance modeling environment which allows(More)
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