Jonathan Braun

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MOTIVATION Identifying disease associated taxa and constructing networks for bacteria interactions are two important tasks usually studied separately. In reality, differentiation of disease associated taxa and correlation among taxa may affect each other. One genus can be differentiated because it is highly correlated with another highly differentiated one.(More)
The susceptibility of various genomic regions to DNA damage and repair is heterogeneous. While this can be related to factors such as primary sequence, physical conformation, and functional status, the exact mechanisms involved remain unclear. To more precisely define the key features of a genomic region targeted for these processes, a useful tool would be(More)
Recently, a minor subpopulation of murine B lymphocytes has been distin-le in immune physiology and disease. These cells, initially novel surface elevation of the Ly-1 antigen, are most geny, and have a restricted tissue distribution and precursor origin (1). They are the predominant source of autoantibody production in normal and autoimmune mouse strains(More)
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