Jonathan Bowman

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Ectopic third molars in the subcondylar region are rare nd their removal can be difficult. A recent review identified patients between 1980 and 2011 who had had ectopic third olars surgically removed from the subcondylar region; 6 ere by an extraoral approach and one was by an intraoral pproach.1 Existing extraoral approaches to the subcondylar region(More)
Sir, a 20-month-old boy was brought to the emergency department after sustaining an injury to his upper lip by an unusual mechanism. The child had placed a batterypowered dry skin remover, intended for foot care, against his face while his mother’s back was turned. The device’s blade caught the child’s upper lip, and the lip became tangled. The child’s(More)
The British Dental Association (BDA) Dundee Section invited five speakers to present on the theme of ‘Charity in Dentistry’ at the Special Christmas Lecture held at the University of Dundee’s Dental Education Centre. Dr Shona Mason, Dr Colin Levey and Dr Gareth Blair discussed their volunteer endeavours in Peru. Dr Christopher Southwick and Dr Nicola(More)
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