Jonathan Birns

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BACKGROUND It has been suggested that impaired cerebral autoregulation and vasodilatory capacity may play in role in the pathogenesis of the leukoaraiosis seen in small vessel disease. Adequate perfusion of the deep white matter of the brain depends on the relationships between blood pressure (BP), cerebral vasoreactivity and autoregulation. METHODS 24 h(More)
BACKGROUND Telemedicine is increasingly used in the UK to deliver thrombolysis. It is primarily used to enable assessment of people presenting with an acute stroke by a remote specialist in stroke care, and to determine eligibility for thrombolysis with alteplase (recombinant tissue plasminogen activator). This study aims to evaluate the process of acute(More)
PURPOSE The electrical impedance of detrusor smooth muscle strips to alternating current has been measured to calculate the resistance of the intracellular pathway, in particular gap junction resistance. Values have been compared with myocardium, which is electrically well-coupled. MATERIALS AND METHODS Alternating current was passed along the(More)
The importance of lowering blood pressure (BP) in hypertensive subjects is well known but the relationship between hypertension and cognitive function is controversial. This article reviews the role of hypertension in the aetiology of cognitive impairment and the relationships between BP, cerebral perfusion and cognition. It also summarizes findings of(More)
BACKGROUND Determining whether the distribution of stroke subtypes differs between ethnic groups is important in understanding the mechanisms of the increased stroke incidence in black patients. METHODS AND RESULTS In this study, 600 black and 600 white patients with stroke were prospectively and consecutively recruited to determine differences in stroke(More)
This paper alerts the otolaryngologist to a previously unreported type of laryngeal paralysis (adductor type) in association with the Arnold-Chiari malformation. A survey of the literature fails to reveal any similar documented cases of absent laryngeal sensory function in association with this neurological defect. All prior reports have dealt with abductor(More)
AIM To provide a comprehensive review of the current evidence on post-stroke urinary incontinence. METHOD An electronic database search was performed to identify relevant studies and review articles related to Urinary Incontinence (UI) in the stroke population between the years 1966 and 2012. FINDINGS Urinary incontinence following stroke is a common(More)
The charts of 15 patients with foregut cysts were reviewed. The lesions were intrathoracic in 14 patients and in the cervical area in one child. The importance of early diagnosis and surgical management is stressed. In untreated infants with foregut cysts, severe progressive and life-threatening airway obstruction may develop. Since the symptoms of this(More)