Jonathan Bilodeau

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We present a new, unified approach to debugging graphics software. We propose a representation of all graphics state over the course of program execution as a relational database, and produce a query-based framework for extracting, manipulating, and visualizing data from all stages of the graphics pipeline. Using an SQL-based query language, the programmer(More)
We present a vertex compression technique suitable for efficient decompression on graphics hardware. Given a user-specified number of bits per vertex, we automatically allocate bits to vertex attributes for quantization to maximize quality, guided by an image-space error metric. This allocation accounts for the constraints of graphics hardware by packing(More)
While the dream of a graphics debugger on par with GDB or Visual Studio is one of the better sorts of dreams to have, there are many difficult challenges involved in making that dream a reality. Some of these challenges are fundamental to the task of graphics debugging while others are the result of drivers, shaders and hardware being designed with little(More)
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